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Clients’ Testimonials

“After sitting over a year on the market, this Parade of Homes Winner was staged and sold in 90 days! Staging made all of the difference in the world for this luxury property.” Deanna 05/17/19

“Su Casa Staging exceeded my expectations. They turned a bachelor living area into an exquisitely beautiful, warm and inviting home.” Jeni 06/17/19

“Hey Nicole! I just got back the pictures of our latest staged house. Your team just keeps getting better. So pretty! Thank you!!” Amy 05/10/19

“Great job! Best in the business! All of your staff are super professional and in a timely manor! Thank you Su Casa!” Mark 05/10/19

“My listing just went in to pending and I know it sold because of your staging so thank you so much!” Shar 06/26/19

We’re the Best — But You Don’t Have to Take Our Word For It!

Here’s what our clients say about us. We don’t like to brag or anything but . . . well, on second thought, who are we kidding? We love to brag! Read these Su Casa Staging testimonials–our clients’ rave reviews–and then give us a call (505.681.5642) to see how we can help you sell your home–fast!

Su Casa Staging Testimonials

“The professionalism of Su Casa Staging brought about a stress free experience – thank you!—————–I am a firm believer that staging is beneficial in selling a house – it allows the buyers to envision the house as being their own.
I live out of state and contacted Su Casa Staging to see if they could stage my dad’s vacant house as he had recently passed away and I needed to sell the house. Nicole promptly responded to my request. After signing the contract where the prices were reasonable, her team took some photos of the house for planning purposes. Su Casa coordinated with my realtor in staging the house, taking professional photos that were utilized on various realtor sites, and destaging the house. The house looked AMAZING and after only 2 days of being on the market, the house sold for the asking price. I would definitely recommend Su Casa Staging for all of your staging needs. Thank you Nicole and your team for doing an AWESOME job in staging my dad’s house!” ~ Melissa 6/14/2018

“Thank you. I truly believe the staging made a huge difference in an otherwise challenging property. Very grateful! ~ RPM 6/4/2018

“Very professional attitude.” ~ Donna 5/18/2018

“I was happy that Su Casa was flexible…… Our friends who knew the house well, were very impressed with how the house looked. We got an offer that we accepted in less than a week.” ~ Lisa 2/25/2018

“Su Casa Staging really worked with us. We got it staged, but then it took about a month to be able to get it listed due to a few glitches in the construction completion. They started the contract when we started the active listing. We had 3 interested parties in the first day, and had a good contract on the 3rd day. Loved their taste and really warmed up the empty home!”~ Candy 1/24/2018

Su Casa Staging “exceeded my expectations! Su Casa is a standout company that over delivers on both customer service and product. We will absolutely be using them again in the future!” ~ Melissa 12/19/2017

“Great job staging [our two remodeled properties]. I really appreciate you and the passion you have for your business that shines through on these homes! In a business of people not exceeding expectations, you do! Thanks again!” ~ Tyler 8/18/2017

“As members of the real estate community, we would never consider listing a home without the proverbial “icing on the cake” or “cherry on top” with a beautiful Su Casa Staging by Nicole Rorem & Team! It works every time! Thanks again!” ~ Bill and Ed 4/14/2017

“Nicole was wonderful to work with! She was happy to give advice on staging our house. At no time did we feel pressured. We love our less-cluttered home as did our buyers!” ~ Cathy 4/23/2017

“Hey Nicole! Sooooo…..YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! PHENOMENAL!!!!! I’m soooo impressed and happy we paid . . . for such fantastic design!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!! . . . We will absolutely be staging all of our homes from now on because of you!” ~ Jose 3/15/2017

“We got a great offer on our house on Friday! Crazy! . . . Thank you so much for making the house look so great!” [Editor’s Note: Friday was the day the house was listed!] ~ Anna Marie 2/27/2017

2016: Su Casa Staging Testimonials

“Thank You for the beautiful staging [at our Parade home in] Mariposa. [It] looked fantastic, and I’m truly appreciative of the work you put into the house. Many Thanks!” ~ Brian of Abrazo Homes 11/15/2016

“[Su Casa Staging] was outstanding and by far exceeded our expectations. I was initially skeptical of the cost/benefit of professional staging; however, Su Casa Staging made me a believer! Worth every penny and a direct cause of our house selling within 3 days of listing!” ~ William 10/18/2016

“We received a full price offer after only 7 days on the market! We closed on our house last Thursday. Thank you Su Casa! ~ Patricia 5/29/2016

“You did a wonderful job staging my place. I absolutely love it. The design compliments the house perfectly.” ~Ian 4/3/2016

“Two days on the market with your beautiful staging, and we received an offer!! Funky smell and all!! This house has been a financial thorn in our side for two years, and we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to you and your team!” ~ Christie 3/31/2016

“I had previously attempted to stage the house myself, but it was going to cost a bundle. Nicole took care of everything…setting up and taking away. I couldn’t have asked for better service.” ~Rob 1/25/2016

2015: Su Casa Staging Testimonials

“I wanted to let you know what we accepted an offer after being listed for only 6 days due in no small part because of the staging. Thank you!!” ~Kurt 12/18/15

“[Su Casa Staging] was nothing short of amazing! Their vision and subsequent staging was without question a huge impact on the selling process of my home. A very wise investment!” ~Kirk 11/11/15

“Thank you Nicole! [Staging] makes such a difference!” ~Karen 09/30/15

“[Our Su-Casa-staged] home sold within one week of being on the market. The staging was essential to the quick and positive response.” ~Marian 09/29/15

“House went on market Friday afternoon ….showing at 10am … offer by noon!” ~Doris 7/21/15

“Thank you so much for such great staging! Without a doubt, made the difference.” ~Curt 3/05/15

“Nicole, thank you for staging our house so beautifully. After sitting for months, it sold quickly after you staged it.” ~Jean 3/03/15

“Thanks again for the staging consultation. I sold the home in less than a week! Four days to be exact!! Will use you again.” ~Tom 3/01/15

“Nicole did such a great job staging our home that it sold in 8 days at 95% of the asking price. We don’t think we could have gotten such a great result without Su Casa Staging!” ~ Cindy and Dave 2/17/2015

2014: Su Casa Staging Testimonials

“Nicole did a great job staging our home. I am positive that the quick sale was due to how the staging made the house look and feel.” ~ Katie 10/29/2014

“Our house had been on the market for 4 months with lots of showings, but no offers. I called Su Casa Staging on a Thursday, they staged the house on Monday, and we had an offer by the end of the week. If that isn’t a testament to the power of staging, I don’t know what is. My only regret was not calling sooner.” ~ Tamara 9/30/2014

“I would highly recommend Su Casa Staging to anyone looking to sell a home. Nicole did an outstanding job.” ~Kathy 8/5/2014

“Nicole was easy to work with and really helped with our tight scheduling constraints. Easy, fast, beautiful staging!” ~ Alene 7/23/2014

“The staging clearly was the catalyst for my house selling when it did. Prior to staging, it was vacant and received very little attention. After staging the showings increased several fold and it sold!” ~Louise 7/19/2014

“We were having trouble selling our house, which was empty. After the staging, the house looked beautiful inside. We got lots of positive feedback and a couple of offers. Thanks for helping us get our house sold!” ~Dave, 2/18/2014

2013: Su Casa Staging Testimonials

“[Su Casa Staging] services exceeded my expectations. I would recommend working with Nicole to both stage your home and sell it!” ~Donna 12/17/2013 (Sold in 5 days!)

“Nicole was honest and articulate, [explaining to] us exactly what staging could do for our home. She knew exactly how to arrange our furniture and add just the right design elements to transform our rooms from good to fabulous. The whole process was easy and fun.” ~ Catherine 12/13/2013

“Great furniture, great customer service, very friendly and accommodating. Thanks!!” 9/28/2103

“Su Casa Staging did a great job staging my home for a quick sale. I would highly recommend Su Casa Staging to sell your home quickly for the highest price possible!” ~ 7/8/2013

“Not everyone can take a paneled home and make it look like the one that buyers want! You did that! The feedback from buyers was fantastic! Thank you for making this process easy!” ~ 6/25/2013

“Su Casa staging made our mid-century house look stylish and inviting. We had a lot of buyers tour our home and had multiple offers within 3 weeks. [Su Casa Staging] made all the difference in the world!” 6/25/2013

“Wow, thank you for the wonderful staging of our home. We would buy the house instantly if we didn’t own it already! You’re so talented!!” 4/23/2013

“Our house sold the first weekend we had it available. Staging works! I can, with all sincerity recommend Su Casa Staging as the way to sell one’s house.” ~3/28/13

“Su Casa Staging was a major factor in my house selling in two days for the asking price!” ~ 3/27/13

Really Old (But We Reserve Bragging Rights)

“Great job! It looks awesome! My son (6 yrs.) keeps asking, ‘Whose house is that?’!”

“After 6 months on the market [not Su-Casa-staged], our [Su-Casa-staged home] took only a week to attract our buyer.”

“Su Casa Staging exceeded all my expectations. Prior to the staging, the house was on the market nearly one year. After staging, the house sold within two months!”

“This was our first encounter with an interior designer and we couldn’t be more pleased. [Su Casa Staging] brought out the best features of our house and made it shine. [Nicole’s] skills as a decorator are matched by her professionalism and kindness. She followed up on every detail and made the entire process fast and worry-free. The finished product is incredible. Everyone who walks into the house is immediately wowed. It is warm and inviting while being fresh and hip at the same time. We unequivocally recommend [Su Casa Staging]!”

“After 5 months of trying to persuade us, we agreed with our realtor to use a home stager. Su Casa Staging was reasonably priced, professional and very talented. It only took about a week of showings with the staging to sell at the same price we’d had listed for months with very bad feedback. Su Casa Staging is great!”

“After nine months on the market, and after less than one week being staged, we got an offer that we accepted on the house! They loved the furniture and wanted to keep it! Again, thanks so much!”