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Home Staging and Redesign Services

At Su Casa Staging & Redesign, we stage and style your home to help you sell your largest investment in less time and for more money. We’ve been in the home-staging industry for nearly a decade and in that time have racked up about one thousand homes’ worth of experience. Our experience has taught us that not all home staging is created equally, and only good home staging sells. We offer nothing less than the best.

Su Casa Staging & Redesign understands the importance of having a well thought out interior design plan when it comes to staging your home. Did you know that having a specific style scheme can make a world of a difference when it comes to showing off your property? The right décor and colors will transform a small, claustrophobic space into a chic and cozy nook; or an unfriendly and cold large room into an inviting and warm atmosphere.

Certain shades of color will not only pull a room together but create a sense of well-being. The proper decorations and design will improve the buyer's perspective of the lifestyle and the happiness that they can envision if they were living in the home.

Inspirational and Unique Looks for You

Our professional design team has implemented unique and fresh design ideas over the last 10 years. In the process we have uncovered the hidden potential for fabulous style within each space we design.

In other words, we can work with just about anything! That’s right, no room is too big or too small for Su Casa Staging & Redesign. The majority of people often misunderstand the space they are living in and buyers are no exception. They commonly assume that tiny places are impossible to decorate because of the lack space. Staging works to change that perspective whether it is a small room, an awkward space or uninviting one. Beautiful interior décor has nothing to do with the size of a home or room as there are specific elements and techniques that can transform the entire look of your home.

Su Casa Staging & Redesign Services and Offerings

The smallest things can make a real difference when it comes to Home Staging and we have the experience and work ethic that’ll have your place revamped in no time at all! Following are the services that Su Casa Staging & Redesign offers. See our Services page for further information.

  • Vacant Home Staging for Resale
  • Vacant Home Staging for Investors
  • Vacant Home Staging for Builders
  • Model Home Setup for Builders
  • Occupied Staging Consultations
  • Air BnB or Vacation Rental Setup

If you are a home owner in the Albuquerque or Reno areas, or a contractor, realtor or investor looking to stage, restyle or completely makeover the interior space of any property, Su Casa Staging & Redesign provides the professional guidance and expertise that will save you time and money. Call to discuss the wide range of options available that suit your style, needs and budget.

Contact Su Casa Staging & Redesign Today for Quality Home Staging

Su Casa Staging & Redesign takes great pride in delivering quality design work and has established many long term client relationships. We are the preferred home staging provider for Albuquerque's top realtors, investors and builders. We maintain a constant commitment to offering the highest level of service for your home staging project.

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