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Fashinable Chair Fashinable Chair

Nicole Rorem, Owner and Designer

In 2009, I was selling my home and noticed that the realtors who filed through kept telling me that it was "beautifully staged." At the time, I'd been thinking about starting my own business and I'd always loved "staging" (if by "staging," you mean endlessly decorating your own home and your friends' and family members' homes), so I thought, "Why not make staging my business?" My realtor at the time had a vacant listing; I staged it, and it SOLD in four days! I've been staging professionally ever since, obtaining Home Staging Resource (HSR) and Staging Design Professional certifications along the way to beef up my professional experience and my Bachelor's Degree in Business.

After a rough start working alone out of my three-car garage packed floor to ceiling with furnishings, accessories and an ocean's worth of pillows, I moved my stylish inventory into two huge warehouses and no longer fly solo. I've got a solid team backing me who share my vision that Su Casa stages to sell! With our team of designers and our wide variety of inventory, we transform any house--at any price point--into a place that buyers long to call home! Let us help you sell your home QUICKLY and for TOP dollar!!

Nancy Bothne, Staging Specialist & Model Home Expert

Nancy is well acquainted with the challenges inherent to remodeling and decorating different spaces. After years’ worth of owning investment properties in New England and California, she has single-handedly designed a gamut of interior spaces—from Boston brownstones short on square footage to California condos desperate for ritzy décor. While working in the real estate industry in the 1980s, Nancy opened her own retail fashion boutique on Boston’s prestigious Newbury Street. There she gained recognition in publications such as The Boston Globe, Newsweek, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.

The early 1990s brought Nancy to Los Angeles where she continued to work in real estate while pursuing her love of home renovation. She received her certification from the Interior Decorators Institute of Los Angeles in 2004.

Nancy now lives in Reno (score!) and works with us, offering her expertise first and foremost to our model home clientele. For more examples of Nancy's work, click here. You will find more examples of her work on her own website at Nancy Bothne Designs.

Fashinable Chair
Fashinable Chair

Caitie Johnson, Staging Specialist

We feel very fortunate that Caitie landed on our doorstep. She's incredibly talented and, by all appearances (and her own claims), she loves working here. Caitie exudes enthusiasm for everything we do. Whether she's pulling furniture and accessories, creating beautiful spaces in vacant homes, putting away cushions (on impossibly-full shelves), or inventing clever new ways to organize endless supplies of scarves, shower-curtain rings, tools and, dare we say it, junk--she's doing it all with zest and gusto! We're lucky to have her not only because of her exuberance but also because of the education and work experience she brings to the table. In addition to a degree in foreign languages, Caitie has a degree in architectural studies and interior design. Prior to working with us, she worked at an interior design firm in Reno, where she helped clients revamp their interior spaces. She enjoyed the work but is very excited about the rare opportunity afforded by staging for a living: day in and day out, her creative eyes sparkle when faced with a cold and empty house that she will transform into a warm, inviting, Su-Casa staged home.

Miriah Ann Ready, Project Coordinator

Miriah came to know Nicole while working as a co-manager at Cost Plus World Market for many years. The weekly unintentional run-ins with Nicole and continuous interest in Su Casa Staging--- it was completely meant to be! Miriah wanted to be part of a local business with a honest true leader. Being a New Mexico native with a Bachelor’s Degree from University of New Mexico seemed like a perfect fit. Miriah worked in retail management and accounting for the past 15 years and needed a change. She brings dependability, experience, creativity, and love for design to Su Casa Staging and the amazing team!

Fashinable Chair
Fashinable Chair

Julie Lopez, Occupied Staging Consultant

One of Julie's gifts is her ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable, confident and enthused about whatever it is they're doing at the moment -- even if it's sorting through cushions and bedding for the millionth time. Julie brings to Su Casa an unmatched enthusiasm for people and style; she also offers 20 years' worth of experience as a small business owner in the fabric and design industry. Luckily for us, she traded in that full-time career when her daughters reached their teens. We love Julie's energy and having her as part of our team, and she likewise claims to love our energy and being part of our team.


Daniel Martinez, Logistics Manager

Daniel had worked for us for several years before receiving a business degree and now he has moved up the ranks to become our Warehouse and Logistics Manager. Daniel has an amazing attitude and he brings so much enthusiasm and experience to our team. He keeps everything running smoothly, taking care of every detail. We are so lucky to have such a smart, hard-working and fun guy to lead our team to success!!