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Su Casa Staging: We Stage to Sell . . . And We’ve Got the Stats to Prove It

We claim that we stage to sell. We claim that we’re the best in our market areas (i.e., Albuquerque Metro and Reno, Nevada). We claim that we’ll help you sell your house in less time (fewer days on the market — DOM) for more money (impressive sales-to-list ratios). But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out Su Casa Staging results for yourself. Watch this one-minute video to see a couple dozen examples of our results. See for yourself the difference Su Casa Staging makes when you’re trying to sell a vacant house. For more examples, see our Sold Staged Homes.


Su Casa Staging Results: We’ve Got Style!

In this slideshow, we’ve posted some examples of the nearly one thousand homes we’ve staged over the past decade. We’ve been staging for a long time, so we could go on for hours! But we’ve spared you: the slideshow lasts only about five minutes. Watch as much or as little as you like and, most importantly, enjoy! For examples of some our Sold Staged Homes, click here.


Su Casa Staging Results
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