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Home Staging and ReDesign Solutions

Do you want to sell your home for top dollar and fast? Then you need to stage your home. You need to shift your perspective and start thinking of your property as a product that you are competitively marketing and selling rather than thinking of it as your home. The key aspects when selling a home are Price, Presentation and Promotion. Your real estate broker can help you determine the proper market value for your home so that you price it properly. If you want to receive top dollar for the home, it also needs to be properly presented and promoted. This is where staging comes in. We offer consulting services for occupied homes, partial stagings and full vacant stagings to help you create the perfect presentation.

Almost all buyers are starting their home search online. It is very important to have professional photos of beautifully staged rooms in order to to attract buyers to visit the home. If the rooms are left empty, there is nothing for a potential buyer to see and connect with and they may pass right over your listing.

Why Do I Need an Home Stager?

Hiring a Professional Home Stager can help you to make the most out of your space. We’ll help showcase your home in a new light, one that buyers will fall in love with and will show off the home's true potential! We can make awkward square footage more useful, we can create spaces that make sense for living that you just don't get with a vacant room. Staging gives the buyer something to look at as soon as they walk in the house rather than them seeing an empty room and all it's flaws. You want a buyer to feel "at home" and positive right away, rather than having them start making a list of negatives or things that need repair. Buying a home is a very emotional decision.

At Su Casa Staging, we know one that not all staging is created equally--and only good staging has been proven to be effective. We offer nothing less than the best staging in the state, which is why Su Casa Staging customers sell their homes 66% faster than unstaged houses in our area. What's more, good staging attracts higher offers. We have staged over a thousand homes and on average they have closed at 98.2% of their list price. Our results are proven over and over. In 2018 we staged 275 houses, of which 50% sold in 10 days or less.

Home Staging Benefits

The benefits of using an experienced stager will pay off for you in many ways including:

  • Higher Sales Price
  • Quicker Offers
  • Better online photos
  • Inviting space that buyers can emotionally connect with

Why Su Casa Staging?

Su Casa Staging & Redesign has been in business for 9 years and has staged over a thousand homes. Our professional stagers combine creative and proven design expertise providing home staging solutions that are top notch. A few reasons why we are Albuquerque's #1 Stager:

  • Functional design that is visually appealing to buyers
  • Create spaces to enhance a potential buyers perceived quality of life
  • Unparalleled Service and Experience
  • Logisitical Capabilities - Quick turn around times on Staging and DeStaging
  • Outstanding reputation
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Stats to prove our claims

The average number of days on market for Su Casa Staged homes is 27 days which is 65% better than the market average. A quicker sale means more money in your pocket by reducing your carrying costs for mortgage payments, interest, utilities, taxes, and maintenance which can often be far more than the cost to stage.

Su Casa Staging & Redesign Services

Vacant Home Staging

If you have a vacant property, we can bring in furniture and accessories from our extensive inventory to set up your home so buyers can see what it feels like to live in the space, giving it a model home feel. We have over 85 homes worth of furniture so we can meet any style that your home commands.

Occupied Consultations and Partial Home Stagings

For occupied homes, we provide consultation services where one of our consultants comes to your home and walks through with you, room by room, to determine what you can do to make your home show its very best. This can be a simple walk-through to create a homework list for you to complete, or a hands-on rearranging and re-designing appointment. If further staging is needed from us, we can quote you for the services and add-on accessories that can be used to transform your space.

ReDesign Consultation

Consultations are provided for any size interior redesign project. No project is too big or too small!