Partial Staging for Occupied Homes

You Have Furniture But Your House Doesn’t Shine

Frequently, you are still living in the house you’re attempting to sell. And sometimes, you worry that it isn’t presenting as well as it could–and should. For you, Su Casa Staging offers partial staging services for occupied homes. A “partial” staging simply means that you already have furniture and even some accessories in your home. You want us to change and add to that base to set your house apart from other houses for sale in your area. 

Su Casa Staging Offers Partial Staging Services

This is an example of an occupied home that Su Casa Staging staged. The nightstands, bed and console belonged to the owner. We added the rest.

The Initial Consultation

We launch this service by meeting with you personally for a consultation. During this consultation, we walk through your home to gather information about what we’ll need to change or add to improve your home’s presentation. We then share with you what we have determined will help increase the marketability of your home.

Su Casa Staging Offers Partial Staging Services

The couches and the side table belonged to the owner. We re-arranged the furniture to make the fireplace the focus and added the color that makes this room pop.

Suggestions for Staging and, Sometimes, Home Improvements

We always make recommendations for staging, of course, but sometimes might also suggest home improvements, such as painting or replacing your carpet. You may choose to follow through with our suggestions or not. Remember though, Su Casa Staging stages; we can point you in the direction of contractors who can help with home improvements but we don’t do them ourselves.

Su Casa Staging Offers Partial Staging Services

The Proposal

Armed with the information we offer you during this consultation, you will be in a position to decide whether you want to tackle the staging tasks yourself or if you’d like Su Casa Staging to partially stage your home. If you are interested in have us stage your home, we will follow up on the initial consultation with a proposal. The proposal indicates the charge for renting our furniture and/or accessories for a period of up to three months and includes design, move-in and set-up, as well as move-out fees. The proposal also indicates how much you will pay if your home doesn’t sell within the initial three-month contract period. If you decide to have us stage your home, the cost of the initial consultation (i.e., $95/hour plus tax) will be waived.