Feature Friday With Nicole Rorem

As the owner of Su Casa Staging, Nicole Rorem has been a professional and certified stager since 2009. After humble beginnings working with an inventory sufficient to stage a handful of homes, Nicole now boasts an inventory sufficient to stage approximately 70 homes and, this year, has staged nearly one home per working day.

Get To Know Nicole:

I am and Su Casa is: Nicole Rorem, Owner and Designer at Su Casa Staging and Redesign LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have experience in accounting, marketing and sales and business ownership, and am also a qualifying Real Estate Broker. We have been a growing business since we started in my garage in 2009. We have now have a large warehouse, 10 full-time employees and 65 homes currently staged.

I love staging because:  Each day brings a new project and a new challenge. Transforming spaces is so rewarding!  Being able to change the look of a property from being an empty and cold space into a home where someone can picture themselves living is very satisfying.  I also love being able to help my clients make more money and have quicker sales which ultimately means less stress for the seller.

My style is: Transitional. Most of our staged homes fall under this category, although we can create any style that the home requires with our selection of 70 homes worth of inventory.

Good staging should: Good staging should be be inviting, welcoming and warm while maximizing the useful square footage and creating functionality for the buyer. Every project should be a beautifully finished space that makes the home show it’s very best!

Right now I’m obsessed with: Neutrals, blacks and whites and fur. Neutrals always look good no matter the style of the home. Currently obsessed with black and white in geometric patterns.  Fur may turn out to be a short-term trend, but it is still fun to play with this texture in the finishing touches.

Staging is: Creating balance, function and beauty into a space to attract buyers and help them fall in love with the home on their very first look.

It’s my goal to: Have every home finished off with perfect details that make the seller and the buyer happy.  It is important to me to do all of this in conjunction with offering top notch service to everyone we work with.

I also love creating jobs for my 10 wonderful employees and my goal is to always have a respectful and very fun place to work.

My motto is:  Work hard, play hard and to always treat others better than how I want to be treated.

I love what I do because: I get to have fun at work every day and every day we see results! It makes me happy when my clients realize that what we do ultimately benefits them, creating that win-win situation.

My biggest accomplishment of 2017 was: Doubling the number of stages that we did in 2016!

My favorite meal after a long day of staging is: Wine and whatever!

In the next 5 years:  We want to continue growing without compromising our service and refreshing our inventory all the time to stay current with our designs.  We want to remain the largest and best staging company in Albuquerque. We also want to expand our operations into a new market in Reno, Nevada.



Homes staged by Su Casa Staging sell 66% faster than un-staged homes in our area.

The Morning Brew

In this interview, Larry from The Morning Brew speaks with Nicole (our fearless leader) and Jeannine DiLorenzo (Keller Williams) about what to do to prepare your home for selling. You can skip to 1:40 for some quick advice; at 2:37, you’ll find the beginning of a discussion on a specific Before photo and the astonishing results show up at 3:40. For tips on decluttering and organizing spaces on a budget, skip to 5:00, and for an idea of what professional staging costs, skip to 7:00.