Before & After Su Casa Staging Photographs

Before and After Su Casa Staging photographs. Scroll down for dozens of photographs of various spaces Before and After Su Casa Staging.


Some of our favorite projects are the houses that JUST. WON’T. SELL. Until Su Casa Staging steps in. Take the house below, for example. This home had been on the market, no lie, since June 2013 when the realtor asked us to stage it in January 2018. The house had been sitting vacant and not staged for a grand total of 820 days. After we staged it, the realtor re-listed with new, staged photos, and the home was SOLD within two days! The transformation was truly amazing! Check it out.








Remodeled homes, like the one below, sell particularly well if they are staged before being listed.

Prospect Before and After

Prosp Front to Nook2Do you remodel homes? If you do, consider partnering with Su Casa Staging. The remodeled homes that we stage sell on average in 15 days or less. What’s more, 61% of them sell in 10 days or less and 30% sell in less than five! This Before and After set of pictures illustrates how Su Casa Staging transforms cold spaces into warm interiors.







When left unfurnished, even beautiful spaces like one in the Before photograph above, can intimidate potential buyers and leave them believing the house is too open and too difficult to furnish. By staging this great room, Su Casa Staging enabled buyers to see the space immediately as the beautiful, manageable, inviting room that it is.



The four Before & After photos of the home below are great examples of how staging can help “update” an older home. By removing older-styled furnishings and replacing them with contemporary furnishings that have broad appeal in today’s market, this home went from easy to dismiss to hard to leave!

A beautiful home in a great location that was lacking warmth! A little Su Casa Staging and voila! Photographs that attract potential buyers online and warm inviting rooms that make them want to linger.




Pond LR to DR

Which space would you be more likely to linger in — and imagine yourself living in: the empty space shown above or the staged space shown here? Su Casa Staging: We stage to sell.

Newly-built beautiful home . . . but without beautiful furniture beautifully placed, it looks a little bland.



We admit that we took the Before photograph; as you can see, we’re not the professional photographers that clearly took the After photograph. Nevertheless, you get the gist: Su Casa Staging transformed this uninspiring (dare we say “boring”?) space into a cozy, inviting (dare we say “fun”?) living room. That’s what we do: we stage to sell.

1 From door to LR

When it comes to selling, vacant homes pose several problems: 1) they are uninviting; 2) they offer nothing that inspires potential buyers to linger in the space; 3) photos of vacant houses don’t attract attention and since 90% of buyers start their searches online, this fact seriously limits traffic; and 4) with no vision of their dream home, buyers tend to see only a vacant house’s flaws.

1a from door to LR

In contrast, when it comes to selling, a Su-Casa-staged home clears the hurdles that vacant houses pose: 1) they are inviting; 2) because they are inviting, prospective buyers want to linger in the space; 3) photographs of staged homes look better online and thus attract more traffic; and 4) with the vision of their dream home that staging provides, prospective buyers tend to see only the potential of a staged home rather than its flaws.

0 Kitch BEFORE

See that kitchen nook in the background? Sometimes Su Casa Staging designers show prospective buyers that with a little imagination you can use that space for something other than a table and chairs.

0 Kitch After

In staging this house, Su Casa Staging designers eliminated what potential buyers might have perceived as a problem: that is, that the dining room, bar and nook are all right next to each other. But who says you can’t transform that nook into a charming, brightly-lit reading area instead?


Kitch B&A



Mon MBR2



This is a beautiful home but beautiful homes cost a lot of money. Buyers interested in beautiful, costly homes are more likely to connect and purchase a house that feels like home–from the moment they walk through the door. High ceilings and tile floors, no matter how lovely, are cold and uninviting.

Wilshire LR 2

Su Casa Staging transformed this cold space and gave it warmth. Remember when you are selling your home, particularly if it’s a high-end home, you’re selling a dream. To sell the dream, your home needs to look the part. In other words, your home needs to look to a buyer like a perfect dream home.


Paseo De San Ant MBR B4

This Santa Fe style home is inherently charming. Nevertheless, most buyers have a difficult time envisioning themselves living in, feeling cozy in, and thoroughly enjoying an empty space.

Paseo San Ant MBR After

At Su Casa Staging, we don’t just load up an empty space with cheap rental furniture. Cheap staging won’t sell a home. That’s why we carefully select high-end furnishings and accessories that highlight the inherent style of a home.

Paseo De San Ant LR

Even a room as charming as this one feels cold and uninspiring (and maybe even just old) when not presented properly.

Paseo de San Ant LR After

The realtor of this home understands that presentation is half the battle when it comes to selling a home and turned to Su Casa Staging for help selling this one. We never stage a house we haven’t seen because we pride ourselves in selecting furnishings and accessories that suit the style of the home, as this photo illustrates.


Before Su Casa Staging

Apparently, photographers are as uninspired by empty spaces as prospective buyers are. It’s just more fun to photograph–and to look at–a beautifully staged space than an empty one.

After Su Casa Staging

Great lighting, sure, but Su Casa Staging added the accessories and furnishings that create the spark and interest in this space.

Before Su Casa Staging

The owner and realtor of this home felt confident that it would sell faster with professional staging. They asked Su Casa Staging to step in ….

After Su Casa Staging

Su Casa Staging staged this home on March 28, and by April 3, it was under contract! We stage to sell.


Before Su Casa Staging

Admittedly, this before photo is blurry. Nevertheless, compare the first impression made by this lovely but vacant room to the Su-Casa-staged room below. Which would you be more likely to remember?

After Su Casa Staging

Realtor David Stafford of 360 Ventures ( believes that buyers are more likely to remember a Su-Casa-staged room — and in this case, he was clearly right! Su Casa Staging staged this home on a Wednesday, David listed it on a Friday and received 5 offers on the same day. The home SOLD within hours of listing for $8K MORE THAN LIST PRICE! We stage to sell.

Before Su Casa Staging

This beautiful home in Sandia Heights was listed at what certainly seemed the right price. And yet …. It just. Would not. Sell.

After Su Casa Staging

After sitting on the market–vacant and not staged–for 133 days, this home sold THREE DAYS after Su Casa Staging staged it.

Before Su Casa Staging

Great floor … and yet, without furniture, the room looks bland and uninviting.

After Su Casa Staging

With good staging, Su Casa Staging, this room comes to life!


Before Su Casa Staging

To most buyers, an empty room is uninspiring and a vacant house is easily forgotten.

After Su Casa Staging

But after Su Casa Staging stages a space, the room is inviting and warm. Su Casa Staging leaves an impression not easily forgotten!


Before Su Casa Staging

Without staging, buyers would likely find it difficult to imagine the potential of this room.


After Su Casa Staging

After Su Casa Staging designers apply their knowledge and expertise in interior design, buyers don’t need to use their imaginations. The room’s potential shines!


Before Su Casa Staging

Buyers have a difficult time visualizing a room’s potential … unless you show them its potential!

After Su Casa Staging

Su Casa Staging shows buyers a room’s potential. That’s our business: we stage to sell.

Before Su Casa Staging

Without furniture, a room can look bland and uninspiring.

After Su Casa Staging

Good staging–that is, Su Casa Staging–transforms an otherwise dull space into an inviting, inspiring room!


Before Su Casa Staging

Before staging, buyers might not be able to visualize this room’s potential.

After Su Casa Staging

After Su Casa Staging, buyers don’t need to use their imagination to see how beautiful this room is!

Before Su Casa Staging

Even the most imaginative of potential buyers might have a difficult time envisioning themselves enjoying this room.

After Su Casa Staging

In contrast, even the most unimaginative potential buyers would have no difficulty envisioning themselves enjoying this cozy room! Su Casa Staging: we stage to sell.

Before Su Casa Staging

What do you notice about this space? Maybe curtains that you don’t love or a wall color that isn’t your favorite.

After Su Casa Staging

But with this fully furnished space, you’re more likely to notice the beautiful floors and inviting nature of this dining room.

Before Su Casa Staging

An empty uninspiring room. Most buyers will forget this space as soon as they leave the house.

After Su Casa Staging

The same space, now much more inspiring. Buyers are likely to file away this cozy room and equate it with Home.


Before Su Casa Staging

Cool floors, great ceiling, and yet … an unimaginative space before Su Casa Staging worked its magic.

After Su Casa Staging

Su Casa Staging experts use color, shapes and texture to make a cold room a warm home!


Before and After Su Casa Staging10 high country after 2



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Bad lighting and an empty room makes this space feel cold, small and awkward. After Su Casa Staging works its magic, the room opens up with good lighting and bold colors creating two living spaces.



Too much clutter and mismatched furniture can leave a buyer confused on where to look. Simple bright colors are used to open the living area to create a warm and inviting space.


Horacio Before

This empty space looks small and bare, leaving too much to the buyer’s imagination. Su Casa Staging transformed this room into a comfortable living area with ample room for a dining table! Buyers can see how much space there actually is when furniture is placed appropriately.



This master bedroom prior to staging is anything but a Master Suite. Su Casa Staging transformed this small room into a Master Suite that any buyer would love.



An awkward space leaves too much to a buyer’s imagination. The space looks small and undesirable before staging. Su Casa Staging transformed the space into a wonderful, functional living room.



Su Casa Staging transformed a dark and unimaginative living space into a warm living room full of character and charm. hn117-f9f2d1f2-4fad-4ede-af96-5aaeb0054d0a-v2


Left empty, this master bedroom might leave buyers wondering how to place the furniture. Su Casa Staging takes the guess work away and shows buyers the master suite that everyone is looking for.



This living area is large and open, leaving too much to the imagination. After Su Casa Staging transforms the space, buyers see only the inviting living room this space was meant to be.



Lofts are often times the most difficult rooms for buyers to look at because they pose too many options for use. Su Casa Staging gives every space an easily identifiable purpose; in this case, Su Casa Staging turned the loft into an additional living area.