Before & After Su Casa Staging Slides and Videos

Check Out These Before and After Slideshows and Videos

In the slides and videos below, you’ll find hundreds of examples of empty spaces that Su Casa Staging transformed into inviting rooms. Vacant spaces are cold, uninspiring and sometimes confounding; while open floor plans are desirable, without furniture, they can be intimidating. Without artfully-placed furnishings and accessories, open floor plans can leave buyers wondering if the space is too open. You don’t want a buyer leaving your house with questions about the space; you want a buyer leaving your house and imagining that it as home.

Before & After Su Casa Staging: Two Minutes’ Worth of Results

Click the Play button below to watch two minutes’ worth of before and after slides; naturally, these slides are about Su Casa Staging and, more specifically, our results. Afterward, visit our Facebook page ( and leave us a message. We’d love to hear what you think!

Before and After Su Casa Staging
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Su Casa Staging in Action: A Before & After Slideshow

Here is anotherĀ Before & After slideshow. This one features the Su Casa Staging transformation of a modern home with lovely clean lines in Tijeras, New Mexico. Click the play button and next, enjoy! We fell in love with this house, and owing in large part to our staging, so did buyers: this Su-Casa-staged home, which was listed at just shy of one million dollars, sold in two months.

Before & After Su Casa Staging
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Before & After Video 1

Before & After Video 2

Before & After Video 3

Before & After Video 4